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Please be assured that KB Slovakia’s team is available and working for you in the current situation as well!

We are committed to providing our services so as to be able to meet your needs and expectations while protecting your as well as our health. Our team is now working primarily from home, with a view to minimising the risk of the infection spreading.

Our mailboxes, telephone numbers, and direct banking channels are up and running and are fully available to you.

We look forward to seeing you in our offices once the epidemic is over, and wish you all good health!

Executive Director, KB Slovakia

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Komerční banka Bratislava brings to its clients the possibility to use cross-border SEPA Direct Debit

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Tuesday, 11/2/2010

The clients of Komerční banka Bratislava (hereinafter only KB Bratislava) can use SEPA Direct Debit with validity as of November 1, 2010.

SEPA Direct Debit brings the possibility to pay through cross-border direct debit within whole SEPA area*. SEPA Direct Debit offers the same benefits of non-cash payment transaction as the direct debit within Slovak Republic and that can provide for invoice payment, which clients pay abroad, in time.

KB Bratislava clients can use SEPA Direct Debit only as payers, the bank does not provide the SEPA Direct Debit for payment beneficiaries, that means there is not possible to send cross-border SEPA Direct Debit.

Execution of SEPA Direct Debit payments from client´s account in KB Bratislava is not standardly authorized by reason of their security.
The client can apply for the SEPA service through a form „ SEPA Direct Debit Mandate“.

* SEPA area = European Union 27 + Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland a Monaco, the rules of SEPA also optionally are accepted by banks in French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion and Gibraltar.

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