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Smart Card

Why use a certificate on a smart card?

A personal certificate stored on a smart card is intended for clients who demand higher security for certificate storage. The main advantage and feature of a smart card is that the certificate cannot be copied from it in any way. Therefore, unless the smart card is physically lost, misuse of the certificate is practically impossible. Work with a certificate on a smart card is also much easier and faster since you enter only a 4-digit PIN when using a certificate on a Můjklíč smart card.

How to get a certificate on a Můjklíč smart card?

You can get a certificate on a Můjklíč smart card at the branch where your account is held.

List of supported card readers

KB guarantees the functionality of the Profibanka service with access via a certificate on a  Můjklíč smart card for the following types of smart card readers.

Type of smart card reader Host interface Chip card reader producer
GemPC Twin USB Gemplus
GemPC Card PCMCIA Gemplus
Gemalto ID Bridge CT710 USB Gemplus
CardMan4040 PCMCIA OmniKey
CardMan3621 (Pin-Pad) USB OmniKey
Cardman3821 (Pin-Pad) USB OmniKey

Installation of smart card readers

You can download Můjklíč smart card reader installation files here.

Notice: Installation files have approx. 3 – 4 MB.

User's guide to smart card reader installation

Smart card reader – Directions for use


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