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KB Payment Card

Komerční banka, a.s., a subsidiary of a foreign bank, offers MasterCard debit cards.

These cards are issued for current accounts in EUR. By using the card you draw your own funds deposited on your account. Your current account is debited for the executed transactions.

Basic payment card facts:

  • Internationally accepted contactless card with a 3-year validity (card expiration is shown on the card front in the MM/YY format)
  • weekly limits limits for point of sale purchases and ATM withdrawals (limits are set from Monday to Sunday and shown in Czech crowns), with possibility to change or adjust the limits at any branch of the Bank
  • travel insurance – according to card type:
    • travel insurance with gold cards (Gold Card)
    • travel insurance with embossed cards (Prestige Card)

Complementary services

The following complementary services are available to Gold Card and the Prestige Card:

  • Travel insurance – depending on the card type:
    • Travel insurance with gold cards (download PDF)
      • Available with Gold Card.
      • Insurance coverage of up to CZK 2,5 million.
      • Coverage applies not only to cardholders, but also to their family members accompanying cardholders abroad.
      • In addition to medical expenses, the policy also covers lost luggage, legal assistance, and flight/trip cancellation.
    • Travel insurance with embossed cards (download PDF).
      • Available with Prestige Card.
      • Insurance coverage of up to CZK 1 million.
      • Coverage applies not only to cardholders, but to their dependent children travelling accompanying cardholders abroad.
    • Travel insurance provided by Komerční pojišťovna, a.s., depending on the card type.
      • Contact address: Komerční pojišťovna, a. s.
        Karolinská 1/650
        186 00 Praha 8
        Infoline: +420 800 106 610
        Telephone: +420 222 095 111
        E-mail: servis@komercpoj.cz
    • Nonstop travel insurance assistance services provided by AXA Assistance CZ (Hvězdova 1689/2a, 140 62 Praha 4 – Pankrác).
      • In case of emergency, call +420 272 10 10 30.
  • Assistance services by Global Assistance
    • Gold Card holders may benefit from assistance services provided by Global Assistance when travelling throughout Europe.
    • Assistance services include:
      • Technical assistance service – mobile repair shop and car repair at the accident location, fuel delivery, tire repair, vehicle unlocking, etc.
      • Towing service – towing a vehicle into a repair shop, average time of tow truck arrival within 30 minutes from reporting an accident.
    • Clients receive a Global Assistance card together with their payment card (included in the flyer).
    • Download full details concerning Global Assistance Services in PDF.

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