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Using Payment Cards

SIGN YOUR CARD. Once you receive your card, sign it on the back of your card immediately, preferably using a permanent marker. Your card is not valid unless signed – merchants may not accept any unsigned cards.

We recommend...

  • Based on the type of your card, we suggest that you study carefully and then follow the Terms and Conditions for the Use of MasterCard Payment Cards as well as the Rules for Safe Use of Payment Cards.
  • In case of any questions relating to payments cards, it is useful to save the number of our nonstop Payment Card Hotline – +420 955 512 230 or 0800 17 1007 (from Slovakia) – in your mobile phone memory.
  • Check regularly that you have your card on you. You should treat your card as well as your PIN similarly as your wallet, cash, or other personal effects. Protect your card from mechanical damage and/or effects of magnetic field. Your card keeps your financial funds safe. In case your wallet is either lost or stolen, it is unlikely that you will ever see your money again; however, lost or stolen cards may be cancelled, thereby protecting your money.
  • In case of any ATM or point of sale transactions, you should always remember to check the transaction amount, take the transaction receipt, and recover your card.
  • Under no circumstances should you enter your PIN in other devices, such as magnetic door locks, separate keypads not connected to a terminal, etc. When making online payments, merchant cannot ask for your PIN.
  • In case your card is retained at an ATM for any reason whatsoever, contact a branch of the bank that operates the given ATM with a request for help. In case you cannot reach an ATM operator, contact our nonstop Payment Card Hotline at +420 955 512 230 or 0800 17 1007 (from Slovakia) where you will be advised on further steps by KB representatives.
  • Regularly and carefully check the account, to which your card has been issued. In case of any discrepancies, immediately contact our Payment Card Hotline at +420 955 512 230 or 0800 17 1007 (from Slovakia).

Point of sale payments for goods and services

General information

  • Use your card conveniently every day not only to make standard payments for groceries, clothing, shoes, fuel, or electronics, but also in cafes, drugstores, travel agencies, airlines, sports facilities, for services, and in many other places.
  • Business payment cards represent a convenient instrument for covering business-related expenses.
  • Since all KB cards have international validity, you may also use them abroad, similarly as you would in Slovakia.
  • Individual points of sale always feature logos of accepted payment cards.
  • Payment cards are most frequently used by means of payment terminals at merchants. However, it is possible to come across stores that use the so-called imprinters (i.e. a mechanical reader that is used by merchants to mechanically imprint your card on a paper sales slip – for details on payments, see below).
  • Today, contactless payments are becoming more and more popular among clients. In this case, a card does not come in direct contact with a payment terminal (it is not physically inserted into a terminal reader); a cardholder only holds his or her card close to a terminal, waiting for a payment approval sound signal. It is a quick and secure method for making even the smallest payments.

Point of sale payments via a payment terminal

When making a card payment, the merchant will ask you to sign a sales receipt (slip) and/or enter your PIN (via a payment terminal), unless you are using contactless payments. Immediately after the transaction completion, the merchant will return your card, together with a copy of a cash-desk receipt copy and sales receipt (slip). We suggest that you save any receipts, as they may subsequently be used to check individual transactions in your bank statement or for any complaints.

Contactless payments below EUR 20 are usually carried out without the need to enter a PIN; in case of transactions exceeding EUR 20, it is necessary to enter a PIN after holding your card close to a terminal. In order to ensure the highest level of data security and protection, you may also be asked to enter your PIN for contactless payments below EUR 20. Identification of outlets and terminals accepting contactless payments:

contactless payments

We recommend...

  • We advise you to check the date and amount on your receipt.
  • Make sure that no one watches when you enter your PIN!
  • For each card payment, always observe how the merchant’s staff handles your payment card.
  • Do not let the merchant’s staff (e.g. restaurant staff) leave with your card – the payment should be executed in your presence with the use of a portable payment terminal or you can follow the merchant’s staff to a payment terminal – you are entitled to do so.
  • When making contactless payments, always take your card out of its case or another cover (e.g. a wallet). Place it close to the payment terminal reader, at a minimum distance from the reader.
  • In case contactless payments are not possible, execute standard payment (i.e. insert your card into a terminal reader and follow any instructions on the terminal display).

Point of sale payments for goods and services via the so-called imprinter (mechanical reader)

This card payment method is mainly used outside of the territory of Slovakia. Solely embossed cards may be used for this payment method. The merchant imprints the card data and outlet identification tag information (i.e. store, hotel, etc.) on a sales slip. In such sales slip, the merchant fills in the date, price including transaction currency (SUBTOTAL field), and asks you to sign the slip.

We recommend...

  • Carefully check the amount and the correct currency (USD, CZK, etc.). In case either the amount or the currency is not correct, do not sign the sales slip, ask for a new one to be issued with correct data, and insist on the fact that all incorrectly completed sales slips be destroyed (torn).
  • In the EXTRA TIPS field, you can add any gratuity (tips) if you wish to do so, unless the field is already crossed out by the merchant. If not, cross it out yourself.
  • In the TOTAL field, add the total price (including tips, if any) and sign the sales slip using the same signature as the one appearing on your card signature strip.
  • Cross out any blank space in front of the transaction amount and/or in between lines of the sales slip.

Online payments for goods and services

Online card payment is currently the safest way of making online payments for goods and services.

Since online card payment enabled/disabled is a card parameter, it is possible to activate or deactivate this service at will – simply apply for a change at any branch of the bank.

Payment cards from Komerční banka are secured through advanced 3D Secure technology that absolutely minimizes any risk of unauthorized use.

In case of online card payments, merchants may ask for the following details:

  • Card number, expiration, and type (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa electron) and the cardholder’s name
  • Three-digit verification code (located on the back of your card) – in real life, this code may be referred to as CVC or CVC2

Merchants cannot request your PIN under any circumstances. The verification code is not your PIN.

In case the merchant also uses 3D Secure technology, you will be forwarded to a secured site featuring a logo of Komerční banka once you enter the card data. At this site, you can check any data you have entered. In some cases, you will also be asked to enter a one-time password sent as a text message (SMS) to a mobile telephone number assigned to your payment card.

For selected transactions taking place within a secured 3D Secure mode, it is not necessary to enter the one-time password from the text message (SMS). These transactions are easy to identify, as the 3D Secure site does not request the one-time password. In this case, payments can be completed once you check all the payment details.

For more information on 3D Secure, go to www.kbkarty.cz/platimbezpecne.

Always remember that by providing the requested card payment data to a merchant (on merchant’s website, by email, or otherwise), you authorize the given transaction (i.e. agree with it). It is then not possible to recall the transaction and the payment will take place. In case of a settlement of any unauthorized/unknown transactions, you may file a complaint in respect of such transaction.

Internet transaction settings

Cardholders may execute internet transactions based on the parameters specified in their respective contracts. These parameters may be modified (e.g. online payments enabled/disabled for the given card) at any branch.

The 3D Secure service activation

by confirming a reported telephone number – may be carried out during the first purchase with an online merchant supporting 3D Secure technology after 25 November 2014. The telephone number for secured online payments (3D Secure) may be modified at any branch of Komerční banka or at the Payment Card Hotline at +420 955 512 230 or 0800 17 1007 (from Slovakia).

Secure online payments

  • In order to make online payments, the “online payments enabled” parameter must be set to “Yes”. In case you did not enable online payments when taking out your card, this parameter may be modified at any KB branch or at the nonstop Payment Card Hotline (+420 955 512 230).
  • When executing online payments, we advise that you prefer merchants that support the 3D Secure technology. These merchants feature the following logo:
    Gold Card
  • We do not recommend making purchases from unsecured merchants (i.e. merchants who do not support safe card data transfers).

Individual types of security solutions for online card payments

  • 3D Secure represents a modern method of protection for your card. With regard to online transactions with 3D Secure merchants, it is necessary to verify transaction details in the course of the online purchase; furthermore, cardholders are required to enter a one-time password sent to their mobile phone assigned to the given payment card. In some cases, it is sufficient to check the payment details and complete the payment without entering the one-time password.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol – secure certificate is graphically indicated in the lower bar of your screen in the form of a golden padlock as well as a MasterCard SecureCode logo. In case you click the padlock twice, you will display the security certificate.
  • Secure website address is identified with the leading “https://”. The card data transfers are secure.
  • Unsecured merchants – during online transactions, you provide merchants with all card-related details in an unsecured form. These merchants do not support secure data transfers.

Payments at self-service terminals

Self-service payment terminals allow cardholders to execute payments without any staff being present (e.g. hypermarkets, gas stations, etc.).

Follow instructions for using your card. For this type of payments, no signature is required – you will be prompted by the terminal to enter your PIN (no PIN is required for some terminals / payment types – e.g. for toll payments).

ATM withdrawals

  • ATMs are easy to operate. Onscreen texts will guide you through the entire process.
  • In case an ATM does not dispense the required amount, it may not have sufficient quantities of the required bills or you may have already fully used your weekly limit preset for your card. In such case, it is possible to change the required amount at any KB ATMs.
  • Once an ATM accepts your withdrawal amount (i.e. does not propose any other options), your card will be ejected from the reader and the required cash amount will be dispensed. If you requested a paper transaction receipt, it will be printed.
  • Make sure that no one watches you enter your PIN and do not let anyone bother you in the course of your transaction.
  • Before leaving an ATM, always check that you have retrieved your card as well as any dispensed cash.
  • For a nearby ATM, you can use MasterCard ATM locator (available online).

We recommend...

  • Attention! In case you feel threatened at an ATM, cancel your transaction using the red CANCEL button. Unless the cash disbursement phase has already commenced, the given transaction will be cancelled and your card returned.
  • ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine – this name is often used abroad.
  • When making ATM withdrawals in other foreign countries or in the United States, ATM network operators may collect fee for the use of their ATMs. This fee will be added to the withdrawal amount.
  • The maximum withdrawal amount may be limited by internal regulations of an ATM operator. In case you need to withdraw a higher amount, you may be required to make several smaller withdrawals.

Cash withdrawals at banks and exchange offices – cash advance

You can use your card to make cash withdrawals at any bank or exchange office throughout the world featuring a MasterCard logo. These transactions are very similar to point of sale payments; however, you will be required to present your ID card (national identity card or passport). The maximum withdrawal amount may be limited by internal regulations of the financial institution providing the given service.

Change your PIN at any KB ATM

  • In case you do not like your PIN combination or find it hard to remember, you may change it at any KB ATM. For the list of ATMs, go to www.kb.cz.
  • Select your new PIN in line with the following recommendations:
    • Never use any part of your card number or other numeric combination that may be easily identified.
    • Do not enter four identical numbers, part of your date of birth or date of birth of your family members, numeric combinations of safety box alarms, door access locks, etc.
    • You cannot change your PIN less than 45 days to card expiration. Your card expiration is shown on the front of your card.
    • Make sure that no one watches you enter your PIN and do not let anyone bother you in the course of your transaction.
    • We suggest that you carefully study and then follow the Rules for Safe Use of Payment Cards at www.koba.sk.

Purchase credit for prepaid mobile phones

Your payment card may also be used to purchase credit for prepaid mobile phones – simply go to an ATM featuring the logo of your mobile phone operator. Your prepaid mobile phone balance is increased within several minutes after the completion of an ATM transaction. The mobile phone operator will send a verification text message to the required number. A receipt will be automatically printed.

We recommend...

  • This service is free of charge.
  • In some ATMs, it is also possible to make payments for other services with selected operators – e.g. invoice settlement, calling limit increase, advance payment for roaming charges or international calls, etc.
  • In case of any discrepancies, contact the relevant mobile phone operator’s customer service.

Mail or telephone orders of goods and services

Your card may also be used to make “remote” payments – i.e. without the card being physically present – using mail or telephone orders (M. O. /T. O. or MO/TO).

MO/TO services may be used to pay for newspaper/magazine subscriptions, conference participation fees, club membership fees, etc. Today, this form of payments has been largely replaced by online card payments.

The MO/TO services are provided to holders of MasterCard embossed cards.

When using this services, the providers will require the following information:

  • Card number
  • Cardholder’s name
  • Card expiration (month and year)
  • Description of the goods/services to be purchased
  • Name and address of the beneficiary
  • Amount to be paid
  • Cardholder’s signature (does not apply to telephone orders)
  • CVC2 or CVV2 verification code (on the back of your card)

We recommend...

  • Pay attention to the reputation of the service provider. KB shall not be liable for any complaints regarding the goods or services provided in case the delivery does not correspond to your order.

Advance card payments (e.g. in hotels)

Your card is a great help on the road. It also allows advance payments. For example, you can pay for your hotel on an evening prior to your morning departure, thereby preventing any waiting in the line during the busiest time.

We recommend...

  • In case you use any paid hotel services or purchase any goods (e.g. drink from a hotel minibar, phone call from your room) after paying your hotel bill, notify the hotel reception prior to your departure to pay for these goods and/or services. A hotel is entitled to charge your card in respect of any outstanding goods/services for up to 90 days from the day they are used/consumed. In such case, a hotel will issue an additional sales slip with all the requirements and deliver its copy to your address.

Guaranteed reservations (hotel, car rental, etc.) as your consent to any subsequent charges for goods or services

Guaranteed hotel reservation

Your embossed card will help you gain trust of merchants, as it provides some guarantee with regard to the future settlement of goods and/or services.

Consequently, you may book a hotel in any of the following ways:

  • Telephone reservation
  • Written reservation
  • Via an online form

When making your reservation, notify the hotel that you will use a card, specify your embossed card number and expiration, as well as your name and address. You will be informed about the accommodation price and given a reservation number (Reservation Confirmation Number). Note this number for potential complaints or reservation cancellation. The authorization will take place after your arrival.

In case you do not use your reservation; however, fail to cancel it in advance (by 6:00 pm on the day of your arrival), the hotel may charge the given price for a single night (so-called no show transaction). The given hotel is entitled to do so in these cases. If you cancel your reservation in time, you will be given a Cancelation Number – record this number for potential complaints.

Guarantee in hotels/car rentals as your consent to any subsequent charges for goods or services

Hotels and car rentals may ask for a guarantee in respect of the provided services in the form of your embossed card number. In this manner, you agree that the merchant may later charge any services you have used to your card – e.g. failure fill up the gas tank upon returning a vehicle, defects caused to a rented vehicle, traffic fines, etc. Merchants are entitled to charge your card in respect of any outstanding services for up to 90 days from the day they are used (e.g. consumption from a hotel minibar, telephone charges, failure to fill up a gas tank upon returning a vehicle, or defects caused to a rented vehicle).

The given merchant will issue an additional sales slip with all the requirements and deliver its copy to your address.

Express check-out

When checking in to a hotel, you can specify that you wish to use the Express Check-out service – i.e. you assume that you could suddenly leave without having the time to pay any related charges. In this case, you will be asked to present your embossed card, whereas the hotel staff will imprint it on a sales slip using the so-called imprinter (mechanical device) or makes preauthorization for the expected amount using a payment terminal. Your hotel bill, copy of a receipt, as well as a copy of the “Express Check-out Authorization Form” will be delivered to your address. Keep any documents for potential complaints.

We recommend...

  • Never sign the sales slip before the completion of all the necessary details. You will prevent unauthorized charges not approved by you.
  • When returning a vehicle to a car rental location, insist on a written confirmation of the vehicle return date and time, its technical condition, and fuel level. You can use this document for any complaints relating to additional charges. In case you pay the car rental charges in cash, ask for the document to indicate “paid cash”.

Dynamic Currency Conversion transactions

Merchants or ATMs that offer this service may propose a currency conversion of your transaction to your card account currency. The given amount and currency shall be final and binding for any further transaction processing. With your signature or PIN entry, you confirm that you have been informed about and agree with the given exchange rate, any fees, as well as the final amount in the agreed currency – irrespectively of the national currency.

Quasi Cash transactions

Quasi Cash transactions refer to transactions that involve purchases of funds that may be exchanged for cash (e.g. casino tokens, travel checks, etc.).

KBSK fees associated with payment cards

No fees shall be charged in respect of your card payments – whether you pay for goods or services in brick and mortar stores or make online payments, in Slovakia or abroad. For any card-related services that are subject to a fee, go to here.

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