Dear Clients,
Please be assured that KB Slovakia’s team is available and working for you in the current situation as well!

We are committed to providing our services so as to be able to meet your needs and expectations while protecting your as well as our health. Our team is now working primarily from home, with a view to minimising the risk of the infection spreading.

Our mailboxes, telephone numbers, and direct banking channels are up and running and are fully available to you.

We look forward to seeing you in our offices once the epidemic is over, and wish you all good health!

Executive Director, KB Slovakia

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Exchange rate

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Exchange rate Archive exchange rates of SKK

Exchange rate valid as of  7/10/2020, 8:00 AM
Currency Foreign exchange
Code Buy Sell Average rate Dev.
AUD 1.66033 1.58567 1.62300 Decrease
BGN 1.99497 1.91673 1.95585 Decrease
CAD 1.56759 1.49711 1.53235 Decrease
CHF 1.08788 1.03482 1.06135 Decrease
CZK 27.21926 26.15184 26.68555 Increase
DKK 7.59829 7.30031 7.44930 Decrease
GBP 0.91594 0.87476 0.89535 Decrease
HUF 361.24140 344.99790 353.11965 Decrease
JPY 123.93988 118.36682 121.15335 Decrease
NOK 10.90078 10.41062 10.65570 Decrease
PLN 4.57388 4.36822 4.47105 Decrease
RON 4.95178 4.72912 4.84045 Decrease
RUB 84.11807 76.10683 80.11245 Decrease
SEK 10.64145 10.16295 10.40220 Decrease
TRY 8.01701 7.47479 7.74590 Decrease
USD 1.15527 1.10333 1.12930 Decrease
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For transactions of one particular client where one currency is converted into other currency and executed by the Bank within the same day, if total volume of such transactions exceeds 50 000,- EUR in equivalent the Bank is entitled to apply an individual foreign exchange rate corresponding to the actual interbank exchange rate.

Agio/disagio for cashless exchange of a foreign currency for another foreign currency by use of a spot ratio, obtained by calculating the ratio of the middle rates of both currencies as per the exchange list of Komerční banka, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky, is 3%.

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