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Declaration of accessibility

Conditions for users

1. Basic information

The operator of the www.koba.sk website is Komerční banka, a. s. (hereinafter referred to only as the Operator), which in accordance with Act no. 121/2000 Coll., on Copyright, Rights Related to Copyright and on Amendment to Certain Acts (Copyright Act), as amended, is entitled to exercise property rights to this website.

The Operator hereby issues conditions for use of the www.koba.sk website (hereinafter referred to only as Conditions). These Conditions apply to every person who intends to use or who uses the above-mentioned website.

2. Method of use of www.koba.sk

The Operator may fully or partially subject access to the above-mentioned website to the condition of providing certain personal data about the User in terms of Act no. 101/2000 Coll., on Protection of Personal Data and on Amendment to Certain Acts, as amended. In such a case, the Operator shall handle such data in accordance with the legal regulations and always in such a way that he prevents any injury whatsoever to the person the data relates to. This does not relate to web pages containing information stipulated by law or by other regulatory regulations – access to such websites is not subject to the condition of providing personal data.

The Operator’s website is monitored by a tool for measuring visitor figures, whereas in terms of this monitoring, anonymous (statistical) information is provided to the Operator allowing for assessment of partial parameters of use of the website and the total number of visitors to this website.

Like most websites, the Operator’s website uses cookies. “Cookies” are information, transferred from a website to the hard disk of the User’s computer. Cookies allow the website to remember important information, which makes its further use easier for the User. Allowing these is verified in terms of testing the configuration before starting the application.

If the User does not want to use cookies or if he/she wants the Internet browser to notify him/her about use of cookies, he/she must check off the appropriate options in his/her Internet browser. If the User blocks all cookies, he/she will not be able to use certain functions of this website.

The Operator gives his consent to use of information, which is located on the above-mentioned website on the basis of requirements of the law or regulatory regulations (e.g. economic results, annual and mid-year report, other reports and documents that due to their nature are subject to the obligation to provide information especially pursuant to Act no. 438/2001 Coll. on Banks and Act no. 566/2011 Coll. on Securities and Investment Services and Related Regulations of the National Bank of Slovakia).

It is forbidden in any way to interfere in the technical nature or content of the www.koba.sk website without the consent of the Operator. Only the operator is entitled to decide on change to, removal or supplementation of any part of this website.

3. Limitation of liability of the Operator

Some of the information published on the www.koba.sk website is taken by the Operator from other sources, which he deems credible. The Operator is however under no circumstances liable for the accuracy, completeness and up-to-date nature of information assumed in this manner.

The Operator bears no liability for any possible damages, which may be created for users in relation to use of the www.koba.sk website, with the exception of damages caused by publication of untrue regulatory information. The Operator also bears no liability for advertisement, or any other form of promotion performed by any other third party whatsoever via the above-mentioned website. The Operator also bears no liability for the content of any websites belonging to third parties, which can be visited via the website he operates, i.e. www.koba.sk .

4. Third party codes

We use third-party web beacons from Google to analyze the visitors behavior on this site.

5. Closing provisions

Publication of any data or information on websites operated by Komerční banka, a. s. does not have the character of any legal act leading towards creation of a legal relationship between the Operator and the User, unless stipulated otherwise in individual cases. Only the Operator is authorised to change or supplement these Conditions.

The conditions for use of the www.koba.sk website are effective on the date of their publication. The conditions were published on 28.5.2004.


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