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Service Description

Would you like to help Profibanka?

  • Contact your relationship manager
  • Call KB toll free 0800 118 100 from 8.00 to 16.00 on weekdays, from abroad: +421 259 277 505

The Profibanka service is intended for:

  • entrepreneurs and businesses
  • cities
  • municipalities
  • clusters of cities and municipalities
  • regions and contributory organisations established by them
  • corporate entities founded by them

Characteristics of the Profibanka service:

  • PC banking
  • a top quality direct banking product from KB
  • combines the advantages of Internet banking with the performance of local applications
  • meets all requirements of companies in the field of payment transactions
  • the security solution has been designed in line with electronic signature standards
  • top level of security:
    • in terms of communication between the bank and the user
    • when signing orders in terms of the service
    • all communication takes place in SSL protocol
    • each active operation is signed by the user with his or her electronic signature

Advantages of the Profibanka service:

  • comprehensive resolution of company payment transactions and communication with the bank
  • nonstop overview of movements in your accounts
  • effective management of company cash flow
  • significant savings on time and money compared to payment transactions at branches
  • convenient processing of a large volume of payments
  • no time limits for transaction history
  • very simple and user-friendly operation
  • advanced security based on electronic signature standards
  • professionally trained user support on the free 0800 118 100 line, from abroad: +421 259 277 505

The Profibanka service allows you to:

  • Gain current information about accounts and transactions
    • immediate information about current balances in your accounts
    • transaction history allowing you to view the history of orders cleared in a selected account
    • transaction history saves all information from the date the service is implemented
    • possibility of setting various filters and search functions for faster searching for required transactions
    • possibility of displaying and printing out daily, monthly or special transaction statements from the account history
    • up-to-date information about withdrawals from cash machines and payment card payments on-line
    • possibility of informing your business partners or other parties about sending of specific payments from your accounts with the aid of e-mails
  • Gain electronic statements for accounts and payment cards
    • downloading of electronic statements for accounts and payment cards
    • possibility of completely cancelling sending of paper statements
    • possibility of ordering an older statement for an account or payment card
  • Simply implement payments and other operations
    • simple submission of payment orders, standing orders and collection orders
    • help available with a wizard for foreign payments
    • templates for repeated payments
    • possibility of naming your own and external accounts for faster submission of payment orders
    • Profibanka is able to cooperate with your accounting system when sending payment orders and downloading transaction history
    • the data formats used are BEST KB, EDI BEST and ABO
      • you can also export statements into these formats or your own format
      • the information displayed can then be saved in CSV and HTML files.
  • Conveniently operate your accounts whenever you want
    • simple operation thanks to a user-friendly menu
    • help available all the time
    • banking operations from the comfort of your own home or office regardless of bank opening hours
    • Profibanka is available 24 hours a day
    • service available including printouts in two languages – Slovak and English
  • Introduce multiple authorisation
    • multiple check on payment orders sent to the bank
    • the integrated multiple authorisation function enables each order or batch to be signed using up to five signatures
    • in practice, this system functions as follows:
      • the accountant prepares the payment order
      • this is signed by the company manager and member of its statutory body
      • if the payment order does not have the required number of signatures, the bank will not process it
  • Save time and money
    • no need to visit the branch
    • you do not waste time filling in forms and waiting in a queue for the counter
    • decrease in fees for management of the accounts and price per item
    • advantageous price for combination of the Profibanka services
    • possibility of working off-line
  • One of the most comprehensive PC banking products
    • one of the widest offers of on-line and off-line PC banking functions in the Slovak Republic
    • intended for businesses and small-scale entrepreneurs
    • almost all communication with the bank via the Internet
    • very simple and intuitive operation of the service
Requirements for the Profibanka service
  • conclusion of a contract with KB at your branch
  • having at least on CZK account in KB
  • in order to conclude the contract, you must bring a valid identity document with you
    • Slovak citizens: personal ID card
    • foreigners with permanent residency in the Slovak Republic: residency permit for foreigners stating permanent residency in the Slovak Republic
    • foreigners without permanent residency in the Slovak Republic: passport
  • In order to authorise other parties for access to your account, the parties in question must come to the branch with the same documents.
  • In order to open a business account in KB, you must also bring in a trade licence or extract from the trade or commercial register.
  • Personal certificate
    • the first essential step towards establishing the Profibanka service is creation of a personal certificate on a smart card
    • the certificate will be used to secure communication between you and the bank – for logging in and when signing individual transactions
How to get a KB personal certificate?
  • Conclude the pertinent contract at your branch of Komerční banka.
  • You will receive a functional personal certificate on a smart card and smart card reader on the spot.
  • For use of the smart card, you first need to install a smart card reader on your PC.

How to get the Profibanka service?

  • contact your relationship manager
  • call the free KB Info line on 0800 118 100, from abroad: +421 259 277 505

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