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Tips and Advice

Do you know how to submit frequently repeated payment orders?

After you have entered all of the data in the Payment order window, press the Save as template button. You can name the template as you wish. When sending another payment order with the same data, select the required template name in the drop-down list of templates.

Do you know how to submit a foreign payment easily and quickly?

Enter the SWIFT code of the recipient's bank in the Foreign payment window and press the Verify recipient's bank button. A simple wizard will allow you to easily fill in data about the recipient's bank here. In the case of repeated foreign payments, we recommend you save the payment as a template.

Do you know how to easily get your bearings in terms of your accounts? Give them names!

If you manage several accounts using the Profibanka service and find it hard to get your bearings in terms of their numbers, we recommend you give these accounts names. You can give your accounts their own names in the Profiles/Own account aliases menu. Only you can see the set account aliases.

Do you know how to immediately inform the recipient that you have sent a payment?

Click on the Notification tab in the window for submitting the payment order. Enter the communication channel (SMS, e-mail fax) which the message will be delivered by and the pertinent contact data. The selected person will immediately be informed that the payment has been sent.

Do you know how to send payments in foreign currencies in the Slovak Republic?

You can send payment orders in foreign currency from your EUR or foreign currency account via the Payment orders/Payment order in FC menu. In this case, the recipient’s account must be held by Komerční banka.

Do you know how to easily select several items in lists?

In certain functions, you can select one or more records (rows) to be sent or modified at the same time. The given operation will always be performed for all selected records.

  • Ctrl+left mouse button – for discontinuous selection,
  • Shift+left mouse button – continuous selection.

After completing the selection, the number of selected items is also displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Do you know how to set the number of records on the page?

The appropriate number of records is displayed according to the page length setting (Administration – System setup – Max. number of list items on one page). The total number of pages and the total number of items is always displayed.

Do you know how to easily export data to other applications?

Exporting the whole list to files in CSV or HTML formats is a standard feature of every list (without paging). You can also download printed statements in RTF format.

  • CSV format (a text file with comma-separated items and records) is suitable especially for export to spreadsheets (e.g. MS Excel) or database applications (e.g. MS Access).
  • HTML format is suitable for transferring data in a form similar to the form in which it is displayed on the application screen. The file is designed for viewing in an Internet browser (such as MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Opera).
  • RTF format is a universal format suitable for most text editors (e.g. MS Word).
Do you know how to customize lists?

The Setting view button is located in lists that allow for customisation (e.g. transaction history). After pressing this button, the window for customising the displayed list will appear. You can only set the information you are interested in, order of columns and filters for easier searching etc. You can always return to the default view settings.

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