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Current accounts in foreign currency

The Current account in foreign currency is intended for:

  • corporate entities

Characteristics of the Current account in foreign currency:

  • a basic bank product
  • enables you to deposit funds and make cashless payments in foreign currency
  • also enables you to gain related products and services, e.g.:
    • direct banking (Profibanka)
  • the bank maintains current accounts in the following foreign currencies: CZK and USD

Advantages of the Current account in foreign currency:

  • security of funds
  • instant access to funds

The Current account in foreign currency allows you to:

  • Perform:
    • cashless payment operations
    • standing orders for payment
    • standing orders for automatic transfer
    • authorisation to debit
    • express payments
    • reservations and blocking, changes and cancellation
    • foreign payments
  • Use direct banking services:
    • you can perform most banking operations from home or from the office
    • via direct banking products (Profibanka)

How to establish/arrange a Current account in foreign currency:

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