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Lost, Stolen, or Misused Payment Car

In case your card is lost or stolen or you suspect any unauthorized use of your card, immediately contact our nonstop Payment Card Hotline at +420 955 512 230 or 0800 17 1007 (from Slovakia), and lock your card. This will prevent any card abuse or at least mitigate potential damage. Any delay with the notification of the card loss, theft, or unauthorized use may result in the rejection of any complaints regarding to transactions made from such lost, stolen or misused card due to the breach of obligations arising from the terms and conditions applicable to your card.

Your card may also be blocked at any KB branch. In case you cannot notify the given event in person (e.g. due to hospitalization, etc.), a third party may do so on your behalf (e.g. spouse, colleague, etc.).

In case you are abroad, contact the Payment Card Hotline as well. However, it is also possible to contact any bank that is a member of the international card association Mastercard. In case of an emergency, you may use the Mastercard Global Service Centre to report lost/stolen card:

  • Mastercard Global Service Centre +1 636 722 7111

Unless you refuse a new card during the card cancellation process, you will be issued a new card, with a new card number and PIN for a fee specified in the KB pricelist. KB shall be liable for any damage relating to transactions executed from a lost, stolen, or misused card from the moment of cancellation (with the exception of client’s fraud). For unauthorized transactions, clients shall only be liable up to EUR 100 from the moment they report lost, stolen, or misused card. This does not apply to cases of client’s fraud or gross negligence with regard to their duties of safe use of payment cards (e.g. failure to protect PIN). In such cases, clients shall be fully liable.

Card blocking

KB may block your card for serious reasons (mainly security reasons). You will be informed about such measure as well as the related reasons in advance (via telephone, email, available contact address) or – if not possible – immediately after your card is blocked. Once the security risk passes, we will reactivate your card following a mutual agreement or cancel the card, as appropriate.

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