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PSD Services


PSD2 (Payment Service Directive) is the EU Directive effective from 13.01.2018, extending and governing new payment services, primarily it makes accessible selected services to third parties (Third Party Payment Service Providers – TPP) – via three new services.

The PSD2 Directive has been transposed into the Slovak law by Act no. 281/2017 Coll. Amending Act no. 492/2009 Coll. on payment services.

Account Information Service (AIS)

AIS will enable client through a payment initiation service provider (third party) to obtain account balance and transaction history from accounts held with KBSK. This service is enabled after client’s consent to a third party.

Payment Initiation Service (PIS)

PIS enables clients to enter a payment order by means of a payment initiation services provider (third party) from the client’s payment account held with KBSK, where the client grants consent to the execution of this payment order (the client authorises the payment order).

Card Issuing Service Provider (CISP)

CISP allows issuer of payment means linked to a payment card to check the client's account balance from accounts held with KBSK (whether specific amount of money is available on client's account to process payment transactions).

TPP (Third Party Payment Service Providers)

Third parties are the providers of payment services holding the relevant license for providing these new payment services granted by National bank of Slovakia or another relevant national authority within the European Union.

All entities licensed to provide a payment services (account information services provider, payment initiation services provider and issuer of payment means linked to a payment card) must fulfil conditions pursuant to the PSD2 Regulation and guarantee the same data protection and security as banks.

It must be stated that access to the client’s payment accounts will be allowed only with the client’s consent


API (Application Programming Interface)

API is a communication interface that enables third parties to securely communicate with a bank. KBSK allows access to clients’ accounts to third parties in order to provide new payment services through this interface.



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