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Export documentary Letter of Credit advance loan

The loan is intended for:

  • corporate entities which do business in the Slovak Republic with export experience

Characteristics of the loan:

  • a loan for pre-financing of production or purchase of goods for export
  • must be covered by a signed export contract and open letter of credit
  • provision of the loan is subject to acceptance of risk by the opening bank

Advantages of the loan:

  • better management of cash flows
  • consultancy by the bank before conclusion of the contract, including determination of the price for financing
  • possibility of providing deferred payment and thus greater ability to compete on foreign markets
  • protection against exchange rate risk

The loan allows you to:

  • Finance a specific contract
    • to gain financing for a specific contract
    • to better manage cash flows relating to this contract
  • Offer a foreign customer deferred payment
    • the combination of a loan with purchase of receivables under this letter of credit allows you to offer the foreign customer deferred payment
    • thereby strengthening your ability to compete on foreign markets
    • the loan for pre-financing the letter of credit will be repaid from purchase of this receivable
    • your obligation towards Komerční banka, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky will thus be replaced by the obligation of the foreign bank to make payment by virtue of the letter of credit
  • Calculate costs for financing in advance
    • the bank provides consultancy services before signature of the export contract, helping you to determine the price for financing
    • this allows you to include the anticipated price for financing into the price of the contract

Protection against exchange rate risk:

  • drawing on the loan in the currency of the contract will protect you against exchange rate risk

How to establish/arrange the loan:

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