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KB Fleet lease

KB FleetLease is intended for:

  • corporate clients
  • above all medium-sized and large enterprises

Characteristics of KB FleetLease:

  • a financial product designed for corporate clients for financing and operation of a vehicle fleet

Advantages of KB FleetLease:

  • purchase of a new vehicle or whole vehicle fleet without immediate one-off investment
  • transfer of vehicle fleet responsibilities to the leasing company
  • savings on money, human resources and time
  • a progressive form of off-balance-sheet financing
  • monthly instalments are fully tax deductible
  • you can depreciate the vehicle fleet quicker than is the case with a cash purchase or loan (only for utility vehicles)
  • better cash flow management thanks to fixed monthly instalments
  • attractive discounts on the purchase price of vehicles and services relating to their operation
  • reporting of costs in a form which allows for their precise control and management for each vehicle
  • a global solution for companies which are active on international markets

KB FleetLease allows you to:

  • Make use of operational leasing
  • Make use of full-service leasing
  • Make use of financial leasing
  • Take advantage of fleet management

How to establish/arrange the product:


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