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Discounting of receivables

Discounting of receivables is intended for:

  • clients who supply their goods and services with deferred payment

Characteristics of Discounting of receivables:

  • assignment to the bank of the client’s receivables due in the future for a fee, with recourse to the original owner of the receivable
  • the subject of Discounting is receivables which were created in terms of commercial transactions implemented by the client
  • minimum receivable maturity: usually 45 days
  • minimum amount of the assigned receivable: approx. EUR 33,000 or equivalent of this amount in foreign currency
  • the price for assigning the receivable is set individually and especially depends on:
    • the financial standing of the debtor
    • the level, maturity and nature of the receivable
  • all fees are usually deducted from the amount paid at the moment the receivable is purchased

Advantages of Discounting of receivables:

  • gaining funds immediately after delivery
  • decrease in the volume of receivables on the balance sheet
  • increase in competitive ability of the supplier when winning orders - possibility of providing a supplier loan (deferred payment) to customers
  • Discounting of receivables can already be arranged in the pre-contracting stage and its costs can thus be included in the price of the goods delivered

Discounting of receivables allows you to:

  • supply goods with deferred payment
  • gain funds immediately after delivery

How to establish/arrange the product :

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